As a firm supporter of SCORE (Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises), The Manhattan FISH MARKET is proud to announce that 2 of our Restaurants Managers, Cherry Sampang and Cynthia Yow, were awarded the Model Supervisor Award at the SCORE Appreciation Awards 2016 held on 20 July. Our heartiest congratulations to them for being a source of inspiration and guidance to the SCORE charges under their care!

With strong support from our fans, we are pleased to announce yet another win, this time as Best Western Restaurant awarded by Influential Brands. We would like to thank our fans for their ardent support and strive to continue doing what we do best – delighting guests with their favorite American-style seafood at affordable prices in a fun and relaxing ambience!

This year, The Manhattan FISH MARKET is proud to announce that our restaurant manager, Cherry Sampang, clinched the coveted top title to emerge as the nation’s SuperStar in the industry-led Excellent Service Award (EXSA)! In addition, our sea-cret agents also won 17 Star, 2 Gold and 28 Silver awards. Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners!

The Manhattan FISH MARKET fishes out 43 new dishes with the launch of a new menu today. Expect a feast of new and bolder flavors starring a wider school of seafood such as Cod, Ocean Perch, Hake, and Slipper Lobster!

Singaporeans work long hours and lead hectic lifestyles. We often have our meals on the go or in front of our computers at work.