At The Manhattan FISH MARKET, we are passionate about our people. We recognize their talents and work with them to develop it.

By the same token, The Manhattan FISH MARKET believes in making a difference and helping young people to discover their full potential, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We want to fuel their passion and encourage them to pursue their dreams. We teach them the  skills and show them the ropes.  Some of the youth at The Manhattan FISH MARKET started their career with us as crew members and have progressed to a managerial position.

Since 2008, The Manhattan FISH MARKET in Singapore has been collaborating with the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE) which functions to enhance the employability of offenders and prepare them for the eventual reintegration back to the workforce. The company supports various fundraising initiatives as well as programmes that will help strengthen family ties of inmates and ex-offenders as well as reintegrate them back into society.

As such, the company has hired more than 155 ex-offenders to date due to its firm belief in offering fair remuneration and providing career advancement and growth to deserving ex-offenders. Worthy efforts and talents shown by ex-offenders at the work place do not go unnoticed as they are fittingly rewarded and promoted to leadership positions. As a result, a number of ex-offenders have been entrusted with the responsibilities of managing certain outlets.

The Manhattan FISH MARKET actively encourages members of the community and public to join its initiatives in helping young people excel in life.