Today, our guests are continually being treated to the best selections from an extensive menu comprising dishes prepared in five different ways of cooking - flamed, baked, poached, grilled and fried. We never cease to impress our guests with our very own sauces - made and prepared with passion; a reason why we perpetually sweep guests off their feet.


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The Saucy Part

We pride ourselves with the sauces we use at The Manhattan FISH MARKET. Made with our very own recipes, our sauces are simply sensational. One of the must-try sauces is our unique Garlic Herb sauce, made from fragrant herbs.


5 Fin-tastic Ways Our Food Is Served!

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#1  Flamed

Our signature cooking style filled with the excitement of showmanship that brings out the caramelized sweetness of the seafood, thanks to the flames.

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#2  Poached

Poaching preserves the moisture and flavors, so you can enjoy the seafood at its fullest.

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#3  Grilled

Enjoy the thrill of grillin' which seals the rich taste of the seafood for sheer dining pleasure.

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#4  Baked

By baking the seafood in foil, it helps to seal in the aroma and flavor within, allowing you to enjoy its goodness with every bite!

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#5  Fried

We give our seafood a coat of batter and make it crunchy on the outside while locking in the juicy tender of the seafood inside.

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