If you enjoy working in a fun-loving, rewarding and family-oriented environment - look no further! Click on any of the links below and your dreams may just come true!


Enjoy Serving People - Service Crew

You will be responsible for serving guests, taking and coordinating orders and keeping counters and tables clean. Senior Service Crew will be required to train new Crew members to be competent for their role.


Aspiring to be a CHEF - Kitchen Crew

You will be responsible for preparing, cooking and presenting quality cooked food to our guests. Senior Kitchen Crew will be required to train new Crew members to be competent for their role.


Route to Manager - Restaurant Supervisor

Supervise subordinates in all aspects of restaurant operations and services during shifts and ensure that orders are accurately prepared and delivered timely to the guests according to company standards. You will assist in work scheduling and ordering supplies, ensuring that guest checks are handled accurately, efficiently and in compliance with Restaurant and Brand policies guidelines.


Managing for Success - Assistant Manager

You will assist the Restaurant Manager for the smooth operations of the restaurant as well as managing the financial aspect of restaurant equipment. You will be involved in sales building and controling costs within the budget to meet business results. You will not compromise on the Quality, Service, Ambience & Value (QSAV) guidelines. You will also be required to perform recruitment and development of staff in ensuring work performance and productivity.


Entrepreneurship - Restaurant Manager

You will be responsible for the smooth operation and profitability of the entire restaurant. You will be responsible for meeting or exceeding expected business results. You have to ensure that the restaurant is fully staffed up and employees are led and developed to achieve the expected work performance and productivity. You will be responsible for compliance of all related standards and guidelines, as well as relevant regulatory requirements.

Mentor - District Coach

You will be overall responsible for the smooth operations and profitability of the assigned restaurants by providing mentoring, coaching and direction to the restaurant management teams to maximize long-term sales and profit potential. You will foster positive relationships with assigned restaurant management teams and build commitment towards excellence in Quality, Service, Ambiance & Value (QSAV) so as to ahieve business goals.