Caring for people and establishing a talented team are the keys to our success. We look for people with high levels of Integrity & Respect, who speak with Honesty & Openness, have the Confidence to Excel and Humility to Serve. Our people Value Relationships among the team and always strive to Be Better at Being Better. No man is an island - we are Committed to Teamwork to help one another to succeed in their career and grow our business together.

Our people should possess a ‘can do’ attitude when facing challenges, be disciplined and stay accountable.

We believe that we must always seek continuous improvement in every assignment and try to innovate or create new ideas whenever possible to advance the business.




The Best Ship in the world is Friendship

Mr. Mohamed Aliyar, Restaurant Manager

“I joined The Manhattan FISH MARKET in 2015 as a Restaurant Manager. I am very thankful to franchise international team for offering me this great opportunity. I am grateful to working with legendary and award winning “The Manhattan FISH MARKET” restaurant. Coming from being employed by an international company, I liked the idea of working for an American Seafood Restaurant where there were many areas of expertise, opportunities to continuously learn, develop and progress. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone at MFM international as well as the customers, partners, suppliers and vendors that I am dealing with. Within a couple of months I had learned so much and have continued to gain knowledge during my time here. I find that I do actually learn something new, most of the days. I’ve learned that no matter how much I know, there’s always more to learn as for me to understand everything that I need or want in order to perform the best I can in my role for my team and the company.

My team is confident to deliver the MFM brand values and always fishing with MFM mission ship to catch the MFM vision fish. And we are dedicated to provide customers’ choice of great and outstanding American seafood with variety of treats.  No two days are ever the same, new challenges are always pushing the boundaries of how we can deliver excellence to our customers in the ever changing world of Seafood. We also get to work with a fantastic and witty team of people every day.

My “Lead By Example” style of management has always enriched my fellow employees in building pride and taking ownership of their responsibilities, resulting in a truly great dining experience for our guests time and time again. ”