• Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter

    The indisputable No.1 of our fans!

    This platter serves up generous portions of hand battered fish fillets, oysters and calamari. This highlight is our Manhattan Flaming Prawns, brought to full flavor when our Sea-cret Agents flame right before your eyes!

    Cherry Snapper

    MVR 330
    MVR 350
    MVR 375
    MVR 365

  • Fishermen's Platter

    Reel in delight with our crispy whole tilapia covered in Spicy Seafood Dip, complemented with Manhattan Flaming Prawns, Garlic Herb mussels and crunchy whitebait.

    MVR 400

  • Manhattan Star Platter

    You'll love the Manhattan Star Platter with its seafood cooked 5 ways! Grilled calamari, fried oysters, poached Garlic Herb mussels, Manhattan Flaming Prawns and your choice of Mediterranean Baked Fish or Spicy Baked Fish.

    MVR 330

  • Grilled Flaming Lobster Platter

    The ultimate celebration platter! Get all hands on deck to indulge in the firm-textured flesh and delicate sweet flavor of flamed lobster-with Garlic Herb mussels, fried calamari and crispy fish fingers.

    MVR 750