• Fried Country Mushroom

    Mushrooms are the new superfood! Enjoy juicy button mushrooms served with a homemade Cajun Honey Mustard Sauce.

    RM8.50 (with GST RM 9.01)

  • Fried Calamari

    Lightly battered calamari fried to a crunchy golden brown, served with Smoky Chipotle sauce for an extra kick.

    RM8.50 (with GST RM9.01)

  • Crispy Whitebait

    Lightly dusted with flour and fried till crispy, our crunchy whitebait are served on a bed of refreshing cranberry coleslaw – a sure appetite booster.

    RM8.50 (with GST RM9.01)

  • Sharing Garlic Herb Mussels

    Our signature starter in a bigger portion for you to share with your loved ones!

    RM16.50 (with GST RM17.49)

  • Quad Delights

    Can't decide what to have and want a piece of everything? Now you can have the 4 fin-tastic starters with our Quad Delight with fried country mushroom, fried calamari, cranberry coleslaw and chilled seafodo mix.

    RM21.50 (with GST RM22.79)

  • Chilled Seafood Mix

    Get a taste of refreshing coastal bites with scallops, baby octopus and crab meat served chilled!

    RM9.50 (with GST RM10.07)

  • Tex Mex Mussels

    A classic recipe from old Mexico and Texas. Delicious sauteed mussels with garlic and capsicum with a touch of spice.

    RM8.50 (with GST RM9.01)