• Chipotle Fish Skewers

    Grilled fish skewers served in a rich coat of smoky Chipotle sauce with coleslaw on the side.

    Rs. 190

  • Crispy Anchovy

    Crispy fried anchovies served on a bed of refreshing coleslaw.

    Rs. 190

  • Fried Calamari

    Lightly battered calamari rings fried to a crunchy golden brown, served with smoky Chipotle sauce.

    Rs. 240

  • Fried Country Mushroom

    Juicy fried mushroom served with our very own Cajun Honey Mustard sauce, an absolute must try!

    Rs. 150

    Crispy Young Corn

    Tender and delicious young corn lightly battered served with a delectable tartar sauce.

    Rs. 120

  • Garlic Herb Mussels

    Poached mussels in our signature Garlic Herb sauce, served with baguette to soak up the delicious sauce.

    Rs. 260

  • Quad Delights

    It's perfect for sharing! A serving of lightly battered calamari, juicy button mushrooms, fried shrimps and coleslaw.

    Rs. 320

  • Stewed Tomato Mussels

    A serving of stewed mussels in a rich tomato herb sauce with baguette for dipping!

    Rs. 260