Caring for people and establishing a talented team are the keys to our success. We look for people with high levels of Integrity & Respect, who speak with Honesty & Openness, have the Confidence to Excel and Humility to Serve. Our people Value Relationships among the team and always strive to Be Better at Being Better. No man is an island - we are Committed to Teamwork to help one another to succeed in their career and grow our business together.

Our people should possess a ‘can do’ attitude when facing challenges, be disciplined and stay accountable.

We believe that we must always seek continuous improvement in every assignment and try to innovate or create new ideas whenever possible to advance the business.



Narottam-KathayatI have been with MFM, DUBAI from April, 2016 and this is my fifth company. I have found this to be the best place to work because of the lovey environment, employees, and management. I have learned how to be a better team player as well as how to give exceptional customer service.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to learn leadership skills through their certified personal trainer.

Being a leader in my profession has set a higher standard for me which has led to the work ethic and drive that I have today. I have come to know and respect my fellow employee and management staff and look forward to see them grow as I hope to continue to do as well.

And I am sure Dubai people will love MFM DUBAI. Because MFM deliver freshly prepared food at reasonable, affordable and healthier choice menu then other casual dining restaurants.

Narottam Kathayat
Asst. Restaurant Manager
MFM Dubai