The Manhattan FISH MARKET is one of Asia’s leading casual dining restaurant chains with more than 70 restaurants across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Oman, Myanmar, Japan, Bangladesh, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Brunei and Maldives, contributing to an annual turnover exceeding S$70 million. As we continue to grow our business locally and in Asia, we need people who are cheeky, fun and passionate about food to build a successful career with us.

How much you want to earn each month, quarter and year? It is limited only to your own choice and contribution and below is the annual earning for some of our people :-

District Coach - up to RM80,000.
Restaurant Manager - up to RM60,000.
Service / Ktichen Crew - up to RM25,000.

Why must you join us ? These are some of the reasons :-

  1. Competitive pay packages and allowances
  2. Attractive Incentive Scheme
  3. Bonus reward
  4. Medical & insurance benefits
  5. Flexible work schedule to fit individual needs
  6. Free meal at work & Uniform
  7. Staff discounts  for all Brands within the Group
  8. Fun Activities and Events.

Working with us will give you many opportunities to make substantive contribution to one’s self and to others. We are committed to growing all of our businesses. Hence, the people employed by us can expect ample learning and development opportunities to advance their career within the Group.

More importantly, we are a group of fun-loving, family oriented and approachable team. As we care the people we employed as our own family members, we named our Human Resource Department as People Care.

So, join us now and let’s grow together.